Jenny: Ambition

There is more afoot than you suppose, child, Champion went on after a while. You simply must be patient. There are others suffering as well.

"Can't you tell me?" she begged. "Can't you tell me what is going on? What am I to do?"

The eye brightened to yellow fire, like Gwenhywfar's beads when they caught the light. You know what to do, child. As for the rest, no one knows what is coming. No one ever does. You know that.

"You're going now," she murmured.

Yes, I am. But take heart. You may only be the Guttersnipe, but even a pawn can corner a king. Until next time, child.

He launched out of her arms and caught the air, aloft in a few moments. She watched him go with a throbbing behind her eyes, wanting to cry with no more tears left. She wanted at first to crawl into her Lord Ambrosius' arms again, to smell the horsey smell of his clothing, to feel a box from one of Artos' fists, to feel Jason's hands clasped over hers as he gave her the ring...and then she wanted to tear the world apart for keeping her from them.

"I will do whatever it takes," she hissed into the wind after Champion. "I swear I will. I will bring down Vortigern with my bare hands if I have to."

Then she shifted and nearly collapsed from her bruising.

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