Jenny: Green Felt

"I do, sometimes," the Guttersnipe admitted. "Wulf can cook. He won't say so, but he can, and none too badly. He did most of the cooking before I came because Master Lucius needs someone personal to look after such things."

Seeing Domitia had finished, the Guttersnipe got to her feet, basket of peas in one arm, and gestured. "This way - just round the corner." So barefoot, wind in her face, she left the kitchen for the out of doors, crossing the open barnyard toward the horses' building. The doors were quartered: two on top, two on the bottom, so that the top ones would swing away and give a view to the interior while the mares could not get out. Turning at the doors, the Guttersnipe hoisted herself up and bade Domitia do the same. "We can wait here," she said, wiggling into a comfortable position and taking out the cloth, "until Gwenhywfar gets back. She's gone off on a ride. Now, like so. Nothing fancy, but good sturdy stitches... It is a pretty green, don't you think?" She held the felt up to the light.

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