Jenny: On the Matter of Rabbits

That would be like Wulf. "No," she said absentmindedly. "No one will care if you cook a rabbit. As for getting one, you would have to ask Wulf. He knows those sorts of things. Or Mordred."

She dropped another handful of empty pea-shells into the pile. "As for Master Lucius, it's because he's ill. He can't travel much, not yet. And don't confuse Vortigern with Mordred. As much as I dislike him...I think perhaps he does not deserve that. And anyway, it's not our fight." She threw a shell away.

Ignoring Monica's presence, whom she considered little more than a harsh-voiced, overriding hen, the Guttersnipe said, "We'll go out to the barn after breakfast and get you started on your work. It's pleasant out there."


Jenny said...

I have to scoot! See you later!


Jenny said...

Okay. I'm leaving in about 45 minutes, but I should be back around 9, or possibly earlier. So there's a chance I'll see you again before Taps.


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