Jenny: Rhetorics

The Guttersnipe snorted. "I think you give food too much credit," she objected. "You don't mean to, I think. Food itself is an amoral substance. It's the cook, as you said, that makes the food good or bad. If I make a good batch of honey-cakes, or botch a duck, I am the one toying with the meaning of the food. Rather, food itself is meant to do some good, so I suppose in that sense I would have to give it a moral nature, but it's goodness is merely potential. Until you or I make something of it, it might as well be the Void of Nothing."

She pushed away the rabbit-bones, fine and spongy from their bath of vinegar. "I can make honey-cakes and I can botch a duck - I'm especially good at botching duck - I can stuff a ham or dates, or candy apples. Duck eggs I am getting the hang of - they are so abominably easy to burn if you don't keep an eye on the fire. Flakes are my Nemesis and I am the goddess of stews. And I make a good mulled wine."

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