Jenny: A Simple Matter of Mathematics

"Thank you." Master Lucius finished the water as Domitia gave her report, and he took his time thinking about it. Calidus... The man's face came easily to mind - all men's faces did once he had seen them. Pale, haunted, not unlike Vortigern's but lacking the sense of self-sufficiency that the former king had. Like Gwenhywfar, who had been there when he had first seen Calidus, he had judged his character in a moment and, unlike Gwenhywfar, had always felt a sensation of shame and disgrace concerning the man. He had wrestled long and hard with the notion, considering, Even such as these can come to You. And yet he continued to return to the lift of his hackles when their shadows chanced to cross.

And that the Guttersnipe should cross paths with him... He could imagine her when she was angry - he had seen Gwenhywfar go up against her father, and he suspected the women were not unlike. She had stared down Vortigern on that first day, and being the ward of Ambrosius, he considered, she would have held her own.

No, the problem lay with Calidus. He stared into the shiny green interior of his cup, watching the play of light and shadows. Vortigern...Mordred...Calidus... He tilted the glass: a bead of water ran around the inside and lit on fire with the light like a diamond. There were times when inadequacy clawed hard at his throat, and now was one of those times. He could scheme, he could plan, but what of his legs? How could he possibly run before the storm?

Tush, Balbus. That isn't the point. The point is that Calidus is a factor and you need to figure out what part of the equation he fits in to.

He turned to Domitia. "Thank you, Domitia. When the Guttersnipe is tended to, send word to Gwenhywfar. I will be here in the solarium."

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