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Wulf ducked under a low lintel, muttering to himself about the short Middle Sea people. "Everyone's so very quick to be his own man," he said presently, "and the large portion of people, when they have themselves to themselves, don't know what to do. Better have a good master and good food than be one's own sorry man with hardly a scrap of clothing and your ribs showing, I say." He reached over the half-door to the kitchen and worked with the latch. "And if servants fussed less and worked more willingly, there would be a sight more kindly masters in the world."


The Guttersnipe reached over and touched the back of Master Lucius' translucent hand. He had not told her what he was planning, nor what part she might have to play in it, if she had a part at all; but he was like her Lord Ambrosius, and he thought for Britain, so she said, "We will be ready."

He nodded. Presently he turned to her, hand on the window-frame for support. "Go join your friend. I will need you later."

"Yes, sir."


Jenny said...

Thank you!


P.S. I didn't know Wulf had it in him to talk so much!

Jenny said...

Neither did I.

You'll have to forgive me. I'm feeling like rubbish this morning. The Romans have come, to whom I attribute my sluggishness and general apathy. Blah.


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