Jenny: A Chap of One Idea

The Guttersnipe blew through her nose like a horse. "No, that wasn't what I meant. Go ahead and start; I mean that I'm not sure anyone has seen anything quite like Gwenhywfar ride in, and I thought you might like to see. And I will tend Maidenhead afterward, and she likes me to be around when she gets back. Maidenhead is very high-strung; she doesn't like just anyone handling her."

It sounded proud in her ears, but the Guttersnipe could think of no reason why, having been about horses since a young age, she should not be fit to see to Maidenhead's needs. She had seen to Cyrus, after all, who had the temper of a Fury, and countless foals, who could be just as bad.

The little green balls rolled off down her palm to tumble in with the others in the basket. "You may find me a little dull," she told Domitia. "I fear there are only a few things in the world I talk about for any length of time."

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