Lys: Breakfast

Aithne followed Wulf into the kitchen. The bustle was amazing to behold. Until now she had not realized how big a villa could be. There seem to be enough people in this household alone to build a clan!

Wulf was once again silent, and she hoped she hadn't stepped wrong. She couldn't tell for sure, but she thought that either way, opening her mouth again- even to apologize- would not be looked on kindly. All the same, he piqued her interest, and she was having a hard time keeping herself to herself.

She looked at the myriad of women in the kitchen and kitchen garden beyond and wondered which was the aforementioned Monica. And while we're on that subject, how will she react to seeing what is assumedly her ribbon around my waist?

Not exactly knowing protocol, she took her cue from the Guttersnipe's behavior last night and found herself some bread, water, and some berries. She did not see apples about. She supposed it was still a little too early in the year for good ones. But Autumn was coming, and with it, apple season.

Finding a quiet corner, she sat her food down, then turned to Wulf, a sudden idea having come to her. "Have you eaten, Wulf? Can I fix you something?"


Jenny said...

So I went downstairs for awhile, and I came back to find a post about Jason! Who is made of adorable, by the way. ;-) Can't wait to see the Reunion.

I shall take the initiative in the future. But I'm a little shy to do anything NPCish without guidelines...


Jenny said...


I thought you might be. I don't know a great deal myself; I'm good at bluffing and dodging areas where my knowledge is fuzzy. I don't want to seem intimidating, though.


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