Lys: A Change of Company

Aithne watched him walk out, his back quickly receeding out of sight.
"Well. I'll just sit here and eat mine then. By myself. Nice talking to you!"
With a soft laugh, she sat down to her food.

She had not gotten far when the Guttersnipe returned, grabbing her own breakfast as she came. "Oh." Aithne responded. "Bread and water, and some berries that seemed to be unimportant to whatever is being cooked at the moment." She took a sip, and was glad to find it not very cold. Why people enjoyed icy, straight-from-the-spring water was beyond her. All it did was cramp the stomach.

"Guttersnipe... I asked Wulf a question on the way here, and I'm not sure whether he told me the whole truth or something to get me to leave him alone. Not that I think he lied, I'm just..." She paused a moment. "Perhaps it's a silly question, but what did Master Lucius mean when he said it would be unsafe for me to be anything other than a slave? The whole thing puzzles me from one end to the other."

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