Lys: Darkness and God's Vengeance

Aithne was not so sure. The Guttersnipe had had the worse of it, and she was already up and about. Calidus may not have been strong for a boy, but he was strong enough to near-murder the Guttersnipe, which meant he was probably closer to being recovered. His hurts, she reasoned, would not keep him away. Fear of Gwenhwyfar and Wulf might, though.

She wondered idly if Mordred was itchy at the moment. Satire was an odd thing. The word came from the druids, but the concept was in the Scriptures. Ah well. The Lord does as he pleases. It is for him to repay evil, in his own time.

A great yawn escaped her, and she realized her stitching was mere inches from her face. "I think perhaps it is time we set things aside for the night. I can barely see what I'm doing, and that's dangerous, especially when dealing with sharp things."


Jenny said...

If you want to do your time jump, go ahead. :-)

I'm off to VBS meeting in about an hour. I hope things go well this time.


Jenny said...

Okay, thanks. I'm making supper now, so that's where I've been all this time. We're going to watch "Willow" during supper and then take Abigail home. I'll see you later.


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