Lys: Sneaky

Fairly nearly? Aithne felt the strength go out of her. She was not sure she could take such excitement every single day. But she helped the Guttersnipe back up the bank and to the solarium- one of the few places she knew exactly how to find.

She didn't realize until she arrived just how tired she was. That is, she knew she was tired, but it didn't fully register until now- in the peace of the room, in her master's presence and under his protection.

But before she'd finished the realization, the Guttersnipe nearly fainted. Had it not been for the chair and the quick thinking of Master Lucius and Lady Gwenhwyfar, she would have.

Master Lucius ordered her to fetch wine for the Guttersnipe, and she did. She fairly leapt to the task, berating herself, in the back of her mind, for not noticing the scratches before now.

The three then fell to speaking of things she did not understand. She probably had more knowledge of white creatures than Gwenhwyfar, but she doubted there was anything she could share regarding this one. She hadn't even been able to tell its intent.

So she stood quietly until needed, wishing dreadfully for a chair or a corner and chiding herself for feeling ill-used. You aren't the one who was beaten to within an inch of her life. You are Scotti. Act like it. Stop being such a Roman weakling.

It was all very well to tell herself that. It didn't change the fact that she felt as though she was at her end.

"I suppose Domitia and I had better finish up those horse-blankets..."

The horse blankets! She'd nearly forgotten about them. She had barely begun when the world fell apart around her ears.
She very much doubted the Guttersnipe would be doing much of anything for awhile. It would be mostly up to her. And she could do it, if the villa could manage to stay at peace for a few days and allow her to work without interruption...


She never did get back to the horse blankets. Not that day, at least. The Guttersnipe was ordered to rest, and she was ordered to attend. And so she did, and was relieved when the girl told her to get some rest of her own. She hadn't intended to sleep, just to close her eyes a moment...

...the next thing she knew, the Guttersnipe was calling her name. She woke, groggily, and blinked like a newborn fawn- which gave the Guttersnipe no end of amusement.

All of which led her here, to the kitchen, where she was putting her nefarious plan in motion. She'd convinced the Guttersnipe to let her cook the Master's meal, and it was just done and carried in by the girl herself. She'd prepared it in a traditional Roman way- the way most food was cooked in Roman areas of Britain.
But now it was time to make Wulf's, and that would need a different touch. She wasn't sure if the giant was Nordic or Germanic, but she guessed her mother's recipe would be more to his liking.
She gathered up all her ingredients- she had to make a few substitutions- and started cooking. Monica and her group were cleaning up or eating their own suppers, so she had the fire to herself. She didn't care that some of the others were watching her. Let them learn how to cook the German way. Might liven up their ideas a bit.

Keeping an eye on the sun's progress, she soon had a meal fit for the mead hall of a king himself.

Now to wait for Wulf's arrival.

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