Lys: Finally Clean!

Aithne barely caught the dress flung at her, and nearly stumbled when the Guttersnipe took her hand and started running, but the girl's enthusiasm was catching, and she laughed aloud as she was dragged down the path.
There was a moment's aprehension at the arrival of the dog, but the girl didn't seem to mind, and the dog's manner seemed to lack agression, so that passed quickly.

When they reached the stream, Aithne was surprised to see what looked like a little water-palace floating there. "That's for bathing? For us?" Even at home there had not been something like this. But then, she remembered with a blush, most of the men weren't shy... and there was a women's area, where men were forbidden, but nothing this fancy.

She stepped into the water. The girl gave her a look that she took to mean "Do you think I'd tell you to use it if it wasn't allowed?"
With another blush and a quiet "Thanks", she waded/swam out to the tent and ducked in.

Oh, it felt good to be clean again! Amazing how a dip in water made one feel more human. The monks say we are made from the dust, but I sometimes wonder if the One God didn't splash some water on Adam to wake him up...

She shed her old, filthy things and scrubbed down until her skin was pink again. That was good. Color in her cheeks was always good. Finished with her bathing, she looked around and realized- her new tunic was over by the shallows. What to do? Finding a little overlap in the wall, she peeked her nose out, laughing a little that she was so scatterbrained as to not think of it before now. "Guttersnipe, how am I to dress?"

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Jenny said...

I wonder what would happen if Mordred tried to peek in on /her/?
Much as I'd like to say she'd chase him down, she'd probably curl up and "eep!" and grab for whatever clothes she came in with.


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