Lys: Frustration

Aithne turned at the splashing and flew down the little path to the Guttersnipe's side, steadying her even though the moment for steadying was past.

"Do you want to go back, or would you rather stay here a while longer?"

She wanted badly to ask what the falcon had told her- for it was obvious that the thing could communicate in some way- but she still felt as though the information was not for her.

There seems to be a lot of information going around and passing me by! She clenched her jaw. The Guttersnipe was in no condition to bear Aithne's problems as well as her own. But she felt suddenly that she would like nothing better than to haul off and hit something. Or scream. Demand to know everything she'd been wanting to know since she arrived.

But instead she clenched her jaw and waited for the Guttersnipe to answer.

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