Lys: Grace

"Oh no, not at all. Frankly, I'm just... surprised, I suppose, to be welcomed so warmly. You have no idea- you have been a slave for so short a time, and to such a wonderful master- you have no idea how things can go. Especially when-" She looked out to the trees. "Especially when you are bought simply because there are no others to be had."

She blinked, swallowed, and returned to her work. "It is not much better the other way, though. One comes into a household as a sort of new favorite belonging, and the other slaves start worrying one will usurp their place." She looks at the girl. "You could've done things widely different from the way you have. I know girls who would've walked away when Mordred arrived, and wouldn't have cared if I was never seen again."

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