Lys: Master Lucius

Aithne's eyes twinkled with suppressed laughter at the Guttersnipe's remark. Brilliant? I suppose he must be. For from all accounts Vortigern would not want someone like him if he was not so.

She wasn't certain about the meaning of the look between the girl and her new Master, but she guessed, between what had happened and what Master Lucius had already said, that it had to do with Mordred.

Dismissed, she curtseyed again and followed Wulf. Once outside, she realized that they were, on some level, equals. Her encounter with Master Lucius had made her a little more bold. She thought she would attempt conversation.

"Wulf, what did Master Lucius mean- it's not safe for me to be other than a slave?" She had to crane her neck up to see him, but she felt relatively certain the question was permissable.


Jenny said...

Ha. I just realized I named this the same as yours...

Entirely unintentional.

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Dasha's back. I'll be gone for who knows how long. Pray she finishes QUICKLY!

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Jenny said...

And I'm going out tonight. Tim is taking me to dinner and a movie. But I'm not going anywhere in the morning. Hopefully we'll both be about.


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