Lys: Overwhelmed

Aithne realized her mouth was hanging open and quickly closed it. "I-" She sank down on the bed where the girl had just been. "I- thank you." She shook her head. "I know, it isn't your decision to put me here. But you've been so kind to me, and you didn't have to... I don't even know your name."

She looked down at her dress just then, and jumped up off the cot. "Uh... I don't mean to impose, but... could I please have a pail of water? You mentioned meeting the master tomorrow, and, well, I'd like to look at least halfway respectable. I could wash my tunic tonight and it should be dry by morning." And my face and hands, too.


Jenny said...

Haven't a clue what she'd sleep in, but maybe she's got an under tunic or something. What with a window and grumpy men storming about... not sure she's thought this through. :-P

Still, she's a high-born lass, and she likes to be clean when possible.


Jenny said...

It's a high window. Slaves' quarters, and all.


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