Lys: Pasta, Poppies, and a Hard Question

"Pasta is nothing like brick-dust." Aithne said, a little forcefully. "I'll make it for you some time."

She picked up another horse-blanket-to-be and followed the Guttersnipe's example. "Can't you take some poppies with you when you go? Or some seeds? A little pouch of seeds should not be hard to transport. And then you could see them every year." Making a few more stitches, she continued. "Not to revisit an old subject, but poppy seeds are good for cooking, too. Though I've heard they work strange things on some people."

Another little interlude passed. "Guttersnipe... do you know what has happened to Calidus?"
It was a delicate question, but a needful one. If he was gone for good, that would be one less threat to keep watch for. If he was still around, though...

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Jenny said...

That poppies thing... it's true. A friend of Cait's goes loopy whenever she eats poppy-seed chicken. She's usually very strait-laced, and after poppy seeds, she's hysterical, apparently.

Gotta watch those things. ;-)


P.S. I have an appointment to get my hair cut today, so I'll be gone from about 12:30 to I'm not sure when. Three of us, one chair.

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