Lys: Pestering.

Aithne laughed aloud. "Well, for a scrawny rabbit I think I did a fairly good job at scrubbing down the fountain last night before supper."
She did not know why, but she felt poised to be the bane of Wulf's existance, pestering him into talking more often than he was wont. And she did not think that was fair to him.
"Just so you know, my fits don't happen often. Usually only when I'm very stressed or have not been allowed to sleep or eat." That fact had made things horrible for her in the past, as she'd sometimes be punished for them by having to do extra chores or have her food taken from her- which only continued the cycle.

"And as our Master Lucius has been so kind to me even so far, I think I will not have another for awhile yet." She hop-skipped up a step in the path. "I do not like being a slave, Wulf. But I think I will enjoy serving Master Lucius."

It was not forgotten- her place, but... it was closer to family than she'd been in a long time. She hoped she would not forget her place in it all.

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