Lys: A Portent

"What-?" Aithne turned and followed the Guttersnipe's line of sight. "Oh!"
It was a beautiful bird. Snow white- as white as her tunic had been this morning. And the look in its eye... it seemed to know more than it ought. She was not sure she liked it.

Such things belonged in her world, not in this one. In this one, it seemed to be a harbinger of danger, of evil, and Aithne was not sure she could take any more of that.

Dragging her gaze away from the bird, she looked back at the Guttersnipe, and was surprised to see a flicker of recognition on the girl's face. Whether good or bad, she could not discern. She returned her gaze back to the bird. "Do you want me to scare it away?" she asked without turning back.

She was not sure she could, but she was not going to allow the girl to be attacked again.

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