Lys: A Song Of Light

Yes, I know she will be fine. But how is she now? Aithne sighed heavily as she watched the Lady go.

She sat on the flat rock Gwenhwyfar had just vacated and watched the girl in the water. Like a daughter of Llyr... That was a disturbing thought. And one, upon reflection, which was not too far off. Circumstances were similar, but not as connected.
Calidus hated the Guttersnipe, and nearly killed her, but was not allowed to do so. Instead, she remains captive to Master Lucius, like a little fluttering bird, reading to her Master- very like the saint who rescued the swan-children.
I only hope she is returned to Lord Ambrosius before she grows old.

She shuddered and pulled herself out of such contemplations. They were dark, and she felt as though they attracted some nearby darkness. Or were, perhaps, made by it. Either way, it wasn't healthy to continue thus.

She would sing. She would sing of good things and drive the darkness away. But what would she sing? Only one song would come to mind. A little melody about the birth of Christ.
And isn't that exactly what I'm needing? A song of the Light to drive back the darkness.

She settled herself properly and began, the clear notes ascending and descending in the full range of her voice, growing stronger as she went.

"Don oíche úd i mBeithil,
beidh tagairt ar ghrian go brách
Don oíche úd i mBeithil,
go dtáinig an Briathar slán
Tá gríosghrua ar spéartha,
's an talamh 'na chlúdach bán
Féach íosagán sa chléibhín,
's an Mhaighdean in aoibhneas grá

Ar leacain lom an tsléibhe,
go nglacann na haoirí scáth
Nuair in oscailt gheal na spéire,
tá teachtaire Dé ar fáil

Céad glóir anois don Athair,
i bhFlaitheasa thuas go hard
Is feasta fós ar talamh,
d'fheara, dea-mhéin síocháin."

"And peace to all here, as well." she whispered.

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Jenny said...

The English Lyrics are as follows-

"I sing of a night in Bethlehem
A night as bright as dawn
I sing of that night in Bethlehem
The night the Word was born
The skies are glowing gaily
The earth in white is dressed
See Jesus in the cradle
Drink deep in His mother's breast

And there on a lonely hillside
The shepherds bow down in fear
When the heavens open brightly
And God's message rings out so clear

Glory now to the Father
In all the heavens high
And peace to His friends on earth below
Is all the angels cry."

One of my favorite Christmas carols. :-)


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