Lys: Surprised

As soon as they were clear of the stream, Aithne stopped to braid her hair out of the way. She soon had it neat and tidy, though she still wished she could've left it down. It looked prettier that way. That's vanity, Aithne.

That finished, she followed the Guttersnipe up the path back to the villa. Her bare feet picked up dust and bits, but there was nothing for it. She hadn't had a chance to bring anything with which to dry them.
Oh well. You look serviceable enough. Stop thinking about it.

They continued through the garden, and Aithne noted its clean appearance with satisfaction and a little pride. She recognized the sun chamber as the place she had met Guttersnipe last night.

"Here we are. Chin up." She did as told, with a small smile, though the prospect of facing Vortigern himself was not encouraging. Nevertheless, she follwed the girl inside and matched her small curtsey, though, she noted, with a little more practice at it.

But when she looked up, she was surprised to see a man not much older than herself, fragile-looking and wrapped up close.

"You are not Vortigern."

The words were out before she could catch them back.

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Jenny said...

Dasha's taking a bit of a break. I don't know how long I have this, but I saw my chance and seized it. :-)

And Aithne's words were pretty straightforward, and perhaps a bit... something... as if she wondered if it was a test and wasn't too amused by the fact. Really she was just surprised, but that's not how it came out.


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