Lys: Tides and Bards

"I have been to the shore." The last time she saw the shore- the real shore, the only shore that mattered- she was saying goodbye to her homeland from the deck of an unfamiliar ship.

"I once lived by the shore. When I go far inland I feel caged. The sea is in my blood the same way that horses are in yours. I've felt the pull of the rip tide before, Guttersnipe, and I've loved it. It was never frightening. It demanded my respect and honor, but it was never frightening. Not to me." Her chin lifted. "If that is your Lord Ambrosius, then I would dearly wish to meet him."

The girl could not have hit upon a better understood word picture if she tried. To be caught in that pull again... she would dearly wish to meet him.

"Are you certain, Guttersnipe, that you are not a bard?"


Jenny said...

Subtle reference to Steward's LiveJournal? ;)


Jenny said...

Hah. I never even thought of that.


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