Lys: Tidings

Aithne entered and was at his side, kneeling in concern, before she realized the breach of protocol. "I-" Hearing the faint wheeze still in his breathing, she fetched him a cup of water before continuing. He was in no shape to hear this sort of tiding, but she had to deliver it. She waited for him to drink it, assured herself he was recovered, and then continued. "There was... there was a fight, sir. A man named Calidus attacked the Guttersnipe. She is out of danger, but badly beaten. Lady Gwenhwyfar and Wulf were able to separate them. I do not know what happened to Calidus, but I feel certain he would've killed the Guttersnipe if Wulf and the Lady had not arrived. I tried to stop it, but..." she lowered her eyes. "I was not strong enough."

A moment later, her chin lifted again. "Lady Gwenhwyfar is taking the Guttersnipe to the stream to tend to her wounds. She bade me come to tell you what had happened." And I hope you do everything in your power to see that Calidus never again sees so much as the Guttersnipe's shadow!

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