Lys: Two Homes

The question stunned her.
She wanted to be home. She longed to be home. But she knew, in that place in her mind she shunned over and over, she knew it would not be home if she ever returned. She had seen too much for it to ever be home again.

And now the Guttersnipe offered her the next greatest longing in her heart. A longing that had sprung up only yesterday, but had not yet had cold water tossed on it.

She was silent a moment, trying to think. Trying not to cry.

"It is a cruel joke you play, Guttersnipe, to offer me such freedoms when I belong to someone else. I think I would love it above all things, but it cannot happen. I am a slave, and that is not easily changed, even by one such as you." She bit back the tears springing up.

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