Lys: The Virtue of Food

"I'm afraid I've not even heard of it. I can read, but it's rare I have the opportunity. I content myself with the songs and stories my father told. My knowledge of them rivals any bard's." She tossed her hair a little- unwittingly allowing her pride to show.

"I take it you do not know the legend of Finn Mac Cumhail and the Salmon of Knowledge?" She took a sip of her watered-down wine. She never could abide it in its full strength. "It is my belief that food does have virtue. It has the power to give life or death, sickness or health, and is always the tool of she who makes it. Much of the virtue is imbued by the maker. For instance, I made this rabbit as a gift of thankfulness to the man who rescued us. I gave it to you in thanks for all you've done to help me. It carries a blessing in it. Had I made it grudgingly and with little care, it would be dull, tasteless, and possibly even sickening (which would have been my intent), whether it was poisoned or not."

She arched her back to stretch it. "Food is more than its ingredients. That is why it is important to choose a cook who enjoys her work." She snorts a laugh. "No wonder Vortigern is so contrary. Monica is feeding him."

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