Lys: Water-Bearers

That explains it. She had never thought of herself as dainty- who cleaned the garden with her own clothing tonight? but she found the girl's table manners... unusual. Not bad, necessarily, but Aithne suddenly felt as though her own were wrong.

"Your Eyri sounds... wonderful." she said. "I understand why you are anxious to return." She found herself thinking that she would very much like to be one of those water-bearers. But that didn't seem likely to happen.

She fell to a little more heartily, lest she should seem ungrateful. She was thankful for the raisins. The cheese was strong and there was much of it. And it was a richer meal than she had had in awhile. She laid the remainder aside before she'd gone much past half the wedge given her.


Jenny said...

Eats like a bird, that one. ;-)


Jenny said...

Nonsense. A bird's metabolic rate is so fast that they have to eat almost constantly. They actually eat an exorbitant amount. :P

I think supper is ready. Must dash!


Jenny said...

Oh well. It's hard to remember what time it is when it's such a fine day and one has no responsibilities.



P.S. Aithne /does/ eat like a bird. A little here, a little there. Too much hunger made her tummy shrink, I'm a guessin'.
And I need to stop watching Firefly. I'm starting to sound like Jayne...

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