Lys: Whirl

"Let me put the broom back first." Aithne pulled away a moment to return the broom and take up her girdle- what remained of it- then followed the girl. Food. Her stomach growled louder than a dog, and she realized only then that she hadn't eaten all day.

They came within sight of the kitchen, and the smells made her hunger worse. Thank God she would be allowed to eat.

The girl asked her name. "My name?" Her brow furrowed. "I suppose it depends on who is asking. Among your people I have been given the name Domitia." And oh how she hated it. If it was true that telling someone your name gave them power over you, that name above all others was most dangerous to her, for it meant she was tamed and unlikely to flare up and resist. Best to let her true name and nature lie dormant until needed. She'd learned it was better to act like Domitia than Aithne most of the time.

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