Jenny: Defensive

Jason caught the flurry of anger on the far side of the Guttersnipe, and pulled his attention round, frowning sharply. Misunderstanding, the new girl had flown into a sudden passion against the Guttersnipe's well-meaning intrusions, which was her way of being friendly, and he felt the girl beside him grow very, very still.

Deliberately she set the butter dish down in front of herself. Before she could make an answer - he was surprised by her composure - he laid a hand on her arm and said, "I left Fripp in the barn with Caleb. Will you take some sausage out to him before it is all gone?"

"Yes, of course, Jason," she said meekly. Rising, she wrapped the sausage in a cloth and left quietly. He watched her go, and his eyes slid back to Domitia and hardened faintly before coming round to Ambrosius and Artos.

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