Jenny: The Economy of an Empire

Master Lucius quirked a smile and picked up Xenophon. "I am pleased to see you are not the sort to let your emotions run away with you... I am under the impression that Ambrosius and Artos understand the heavy burden slaves became to Rome and the Empire in general, and having taken precautions against such an economy, slavery is forbidden in their valley. Wulf will, of course, continue in his capacity. The man knows nothing else. But you weren't born a slave, Domitia, and I am very happy to see you through to the return of your free state."

All of which would explain, he reflected, the horrible excuse for a guise the Guttersnipe had put on in trying to be a slave. She had been an attentive girl and happy to please, but a slave she was not. She talked far too much.

He waved a hand. "If you don't mind, I have reading to do. And I'm sure you can find something useful to occupy yourself with around here." He settled more comfortably in his chair and in a moment he was no more aware of Domitia than a rock is of someone sitting on it.

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