Jenny: The Farm

"Surely!" the Guttersnipe replied. She put a pile of sausage on her plate and upended some more onto the plate in front of Domitia. "We're a farm here. Haven't you ever been on a farm? Mornings are always busy like this. We won't regather until this evening." Passing the platter along to Jason's waiting hands, she went on. "We have mostly horses, but we keep some pigs in the wood and plenty of chickens. They bring sheep up from the cotswolds once in a while. The boys fish in the hill streams, too, so we have plenty of stock to keep us full."

She took the bread and butter from Artos and handed it over to Domitia. "Lucretia's family keeps cows one hill over, and that's where our butter comes from. So eat up! They keep telling us to put some meat on our bones."

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