Jenny: Literary Bliss

The food Master Lucius found wholesome and edifying. The conversation, to his great pleasure, he found no less so. Ambrosius and Artos seemed well-travelled, and while perhaps not as deeply literate as his neighbour Gaius, they had an excellent handle on the Scriptures and classics, though they were not fond of poetry.

"The Guttersnipe would often read to Gaius," Artos remarked during the course of the meal. "He taught her letters and scripting, and she will often write off letters for my uncle when he is too preoccupied with other things."

"And yourself?" Master Lucius had inquired.

The young man had smiled wryly. "I have little to write between reports so that my scripting is only passable; but I love reading."

Which had made Master Lucius happy.

The meal, though boisterous and filling, was concluded quickly. There was great scraping of chairs on the worn flags and a flurry of dirty boots, and the young men led by Ambrosius took their leave. Seeing the Guttersnipe in the trail of the departing throng, he thought it a good time to confront Domitia on some news. He found her, as usual, just behind his chair, hovering in that fashion that he secretly loathed because it made him suspect a coughing fit would come on at any moment, and he said, "Domitia, if you don't mind, please join me in the solarium. I have something I wish to discuss with you."

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