Jenny: On the Hunt

It was an easy jog down the river and across the little bridge to the cloister after the girl Aithne. It was also very good luck, he thought, that she would be going to the cloister, for there was sure to be a bit of food there and Lucretia, being what he considered the best sort of woman, was sure to give him something to eat. As he padded along on his hard bare feet, he thought about last night and the Guttersnipe, and he hoped she would be the best sort of woman too, but he was not sure about it. He thought her pretty, and sometimes he caught himself envying Jason just a little, but a pretty face was nothing to Lucretia's generous handouts.

He lost sight of Aithne for a moment going through the cloister, but he found her again in the kitchen, which was very lucky. He advanced eagerly to her side and raised himself up on the balls of his feet to see what she was working at. She seemed to be working with a dough, and he began to regret his zealous efforts in keeping Jason's mind off the Guttersnipe as he found himself unable to reach out for a bite.

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