Jenny: Paperwork

A cat had curled up on the warm stones when Master Lucius entered the solarium. The glass walls caught the light and made it one of the few really warm rooms in the house, but with autumn coming on the light would not linger, and he and the cat caught those few moments of warmth for as long as they could.

He crossed the room and seated himself in the tattered camp chair at the table where his books were laid out, and began with out preamble. "Domitia, I have been discussing the economics of Lord Ambrosius's rath with his companion Gaius, and I have received some fortuitous information. I was unsure how to go about it originally. I am afraid my studies have not extended to this regard. I will probably have some official paperwork drawn up when I can get time away from my other studies." He tapped the tabletop with one finger. "They don't keep slaves here, Domitia. They simply don't. Everyone is free."

He paused to see her response.

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