Lys: Another Interruption

Aithne's head came up sharply at the threat of violence, then stayed when she noted the filthiness of the newcomer. "Is everyone arrayed against the bread this morning?" she asked, half-exasperated, half-hoping to distract the man from the boy.

She frowned, floury hands once more on her hips. "And you'd be after what, then?" she asked. "If it's food you're wanting, there's plenty, and I'll gladly help you get some. But if you came just to scatter dirt and disturb the work, please go elsewhere. We've much to do in little time, same as the men."


Jenny said...

Aithne seems to be in her element. :-P

I didn't know if Druce was a man or a boy, but he seemed to be at least a young man, so I went with that.

Note comment on last post, please! :-)


Jenny said...

Druce is Jason's age, roughly, so he's pushing twenty.


Jenny said...

*pushes a twenty across the counter*

Yes, Druce is a young man.


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