Lys: An Army Marches On Its Stomach

Aithne poked her head in the kitchen. As she suspected, there was bustle aplenty. An army on the march or a town at siege, both needed provisions, and now was a good time to get a head start on them.

She found Lucretia holding court in the midst of it all, and managed to communicate that she was willing to help out.

Lucretia looked her up and down a moment, then put her to kneading the dough for the myriad loaves they were making. Aithne bound her hair up and set to work with a will. Kneading was perfect for working out energy and strong emotions- the rhythm of it was calming and settling.

She worked into a routine, fitting in well with the girls there, though she did not say much. She even managed to join in some of their working songs. A good day indeed.

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