Lys: Eden

"I know very little. Until I met the Guttersnipe, I had not even heard the name of Artos. Lord Ambrosius... I knew his name, and that he was a great man, kind to his friends and feared by his enemies. That was all." She set back to work, this time braiding a batch to match other loaves of its kind. "The Guttersnipe told me much about them, though, and this place, and how wonderful it is..." The smile returned to her face. "It is, you know. Or... you probably don't, living here as you do. But out there in the great wide world... it is not as beautiful as it is here. Kind people are hard to come by, and in some places people are sold to other people, and forced to work, as though they were horses or cattle, or donkeys that would not work unless forced."

Plopping the bread on a paddle, she nodded to another girl to put it in the brick oven, then continued with the next loaf. "Truly, if I did not know otherwise, I would say that this was the very Garden of Eden. You are very blessed-" she paused. "And you haven't told me your name."

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