Lys: Mutton and Sausage and Apples

"Wherever Jason came from, probably. They will be busy in the next few days."

"Oh." Aithne nodded, a little disappointed. But Jason had come in, so perhaps Caleb would eventually. The Guttersnipe motioned for Aithne to sit at the table, and she shot a look at Master Lucius. A slave? His slave? Sit at the table? But he seemed completely unruffled at the idea- neither did anyone else seem to care. So she sat, gingerly, looking around to make sure she wasn't going to offend anyone else by doing so.

The baked apples smelled heavenly, as did the sausage and mutton, which was unusual for her. Any meat in the morning usually made her ill.

The Guttersnipe was practically bouncing next to her. Aithne scooted away a bit in order to avoid being speared by erratically moving elbows. The room was definitely more busy than yesterday. Everywhere she looked there was something going on, and she was nearly overwhelmed with it all. "Is there always so much bustle?"

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