Lys: Poison?

Aithne patiently bore the onslaught of questions, and answered as best she could. "I am making bread, and it will take awhile to make, because you have to let bread sit and grow for awhile before you can put it in the oven, otherwise it comes out flat as a platter." With raised eyebrows, she put a hand on her hip and asked, "As for the tasting, are you sure you want to be the one to test that? I hear that poisoned food can be terribly painful." She kept up a straight face and serious demeanor, but she was amused at the boy's train of thought. With all the preparations for Vortigern's arrival, of course he'd want to do his part. And if it meant he could get some food while he was at it, so much the better.

She waited for his answer.

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