Lys: Scuit

The Guttersnipe returned with Caleb, and Aithne quietly groaned. Now Caleb knew of her misdeeds. Scuit. she thought. It's silly to think you'll ever fit in amongst them, Aithne. All she wanted to do was please them, and yet she kept failing. Her natural inclination would've been to go away for awhile- go for a walk, sit quietly on a rock someplace, and wait until things had settled some before coming back. But it was mealtime, Wulf was nowhere to be seen, and it was no longer the Guttersnipe's place to attend Master Lucius.

For heaven's sakes, she'd almost prefer a beating to this silent treatment, as though nothing was wrong. And now Caleb was here and she didn't dare ask him to let her play.

One small tear tracked down her face, and one small sniff, but that was all- she didn't want to give them more reason to be disappointed in her.

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