Lys: STOP!

Aithne tried to stop the Guttersnipe from putting more food on her plate, knowing she'd never get through it all. But the girl didn't pause in her movements, continuing to send food her way, and all but feeding her it seemed. When it came to the butter she pushed the girl away. "Enough! Let me do something for myself! Do you think because I am quieter than you, because I'm ill, I can't take care of myself?" She passed the bread and butter along somewhat violently, then huffed, looking down at her plate. Frustration suddenly spent, she sat there a moment, sighed, then said, "I'm sorry. I'm just tired, I suppose. Tired and a little overwhelmed." Looking up, she gave the Guttersnipe a bit of a half-smile. "At least we don't have to worry about Mordred popping up behind us."

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