Lys: Working Break

Aithne was not sure what to make of that. "Him? With both ams bound up like a newborn babe?" Eyes still on Druce, she once more pushed the boy back. She had just finished the last loaf, and the next batch would not be finished rising for a few more minutes. She wiped her hands off and looked closer at the wound. "You'll be needing more than a towel for that." Taking a few thin towels from a nearby table, she handed them to the young boy. "Here. You carry these for me." They were easily enough carried, even with his bandages. A boy with broken arms and a man with a cut hand. And everyone else up to their ears in work. "I have a moment. Go outside, both of you. I'll be out in a minute."

Shooing them off, she picked up a pitcher of water and a bowl- both heavy, but not impossible, and carried them outside. She wasn't going to do this in there. Too busy and too much dirt to deal with. She set the bowl on a low wall surrounding the garden, with the pitcher next to it, then beckoned them over.

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