Lys: Big Cu

Aithne started and sat up. She had fallen asleep in prayer. But the burden was lifted, and whatever was going on had apparently been resolved.

Cu woke at her stirring, and she scratched his ears. But he didn't pay much attention to her. Instead, his interest was fixed on the door. A low rumble issued from his throat. Not quite a growl- more a wish to bark and a knowledge that he should not.

"What is it, Cu?" She stood and went to the door, and Cu followed on her heels, whining and pawing the wood. "Does nature call?" He did not leave off his wish to go out, so she took that as a yes.

Pulling one of the thinner rugs from the bed, she wrapped it around herself, put on her shoes, and opened the door. But instead of bolting down the path, Cu's nose went to the ground and he forcibly nudged a mass dropped at her door. What on earth...? She bent closer, and the bundle stirred. Biting back a squeak, she jumped back, involuntarily pulling the rug closer about her.

Cu put his heavy paw on it and licked one end, growling a bit as he did. It seemed he could not decide whether to be happy or angry. Curious and a little scared, she stood with the dog between her and the unidentified thing, waiting for him to make up his mind.


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Jenny said...

I don't quite know why she's scared, other than fear of the unknown. I mean, Cu could incapacitate the lump simply by sitting on it, Irish Wolfhound that he is...


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