Lys: Beyond Mischief

"Unquiet- what?" What little light was there made it obvious what and who the bundle was. "What do you mean by being a stumbling block over my doorstep?" she hissed, angry but trying to keep quiet. "You've gone beyond mischief, boy. I should raise the household over this. Are you spying on me? You're watching my every move, constantly trailing me... I ought to hand you over to-"

It was at that point she realized somewhere along the way she'd switched to Gaelic. She stopped abruptly, stepped back, and eyed him sternly. "This could very well be eve of battle, lad, and one does not cause trouble on the eve of battle. So you'd better have a pretty good explanation for this."

She waited.

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Jenny said...

She started Gaelic at "You've gone beyond mischief..."

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