Lys: Reality

As her movement was arrested, and the question asked, the frantic, driving force drained from her, and her knees almost gave out with the loss of it. She sat down on the mounting step next to Druce. "I... I had to get away. I can't handle it anymore, Druce. Before now, I thought of it all in a sort of detatched manner- battle was coming, some people would die. But not people I know. Not..." Her voice fell to a whisper. "Not me." She took a deep breath, but it did not steady her much. "The Guttersnipe spoke of it as though defeat was a foregone conclusion- as though all that was left was for us to make it as hard as possible for them to win."

She hugged herself, feeling exposed, her heart laid out for the world to know. "I've been proud of my Scotti bravery, looking at battle as part of life. But now, I'm ashamed to say..." She looked up at Druce with round, wide eyes. "I'm terrified."

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Jenny said...

And no, that was not really planned. I was just thinking about why on earth she'd suddenly be freaking out, and I realized it's because she's scared witless.


P.S. And Druce just happens to be the person there when she realizes it. No plans on my part to make the whole "Aithne and Druce" misconception worse than it is.

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