Lys: A Time of Testing

Aithne jumped a little when the Guttersnipe approached. She'd been paying so much attention to her task, she didn't notice the girl until she shouted about the solarium.

"A knife?" Aithne asked. "I haven't got so much as a needle." She emptied the pail into the bucket and lowered it down again. "Why?" Her hands stilled at their task. "I don't think I'll be able to use it for anything..."

The idea of knifing someone, even someone about to kill her, seemed beyond her abilities. She'd heard that things sometimes change when it comes to the point, but she would not stake her life on the possibility of it applying to her.

Then, with an odd shift in thoughts, she asked, "Where is the boy? I sent him to find you long ago. Did he deliver my message?"

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