Jenny: Dead Is As Dead Does

"So?" Vortimer's red brows rose a little, and he felt faint surprise. It was gone in a moment. "That sounds serious enough, very serious. Blood debt and bride-price - fancy terms! But a dead man is a dead man, and you can only kill a man once." He leaned forward on the wall, pointing at the fellow with one finger by the hand he held the apple. "So you have a grievance. Most of us do. And you're thinking a good man doesn't back down from seeing to his vengeance. Maybe a good man doesn't, maybe he does. But it is in my mind that a good man sees the bigger picture and knows when to shut up and find a milk-stool to sit on."

He set a seed on the end of his finger and shot it off like a catapult with his thumb. "Don't meddle with the wars of the gods, young wolf. So one offended you? He's offended greater things, and they will see to his end. A dead man is a dead man, and you can only kill a man once. The jackal doesn't cheat the lion out of his spoil without finding himself spoil as well."

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