Jenny: Duty

Jason turned from his seat at the table, looking up first into the grim, weathered face of the warrior who accompanied Domitia, and then at Domitia, who had spoken. From the way she seemed unable to stand on her own feet without the warrior's supporting shoulder, he supposed he was right: they knew each other, and intimately. Holding his dexter hand clear, shaking it a little as it gave him a cheerful throbbing, he said, "She's sleeping. She should probably get up now." He gestured with the other hand. "You'll find her in Ambrosius' room, if she hasn't woken and gone to see Artos. Where - where is Master Lucius...?" He swung about, grumbling good-naturedly, and rose to check on the patient himself, still holding his unbandaged hand above the shoulders of those passing him.

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