Jenny: Haste

"I hardly think - " Master Lucius began peaceably, but Wulf was too quick for him. At the sign from the other man toward a weapon, the bodyguard in him sprang to the surface, and the wordless fellow hit the Irishman in the pin of his wrist with a clenched hand, disabling him. In a moment the knife was out of the sheath and flung away into the grasses. Cu was growling at everyone, and Master Lucius said, "That's quite enough of that!" and punctuated his words with a cough that grated in even his own ears.

"Is there a problem here?"

Before the Irishman could strike back, or Wulf could break the other's neck over his knee, they broke apart to find Ambrosius on the grass before them, the knife still quivering in the turf between his feet. He had come up from washing, dressed only in a simple white tunic, and he looked ready to strip down for a wrestling match. Even Wulf stepped down. Master Lucius breathed easier.

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