Jenny: Strange Customs

As the meal drew to a close, and Ambrosius was setting aside his great iron-set drinking-horn, inlaid with the fierce red gems from the islands beyond Egypt, empty, finished. Master Lucius was still deep in conversation with Gaius about the Oscan dialect, which the Guttersnipe did not know Gaius was vaguely familiar with. Jason, at her side, was idly pushing away a bare bone on his plate, his face distant from the crowd. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Domitia and Cathair rise as one and pass on out of the atrium into the roaring furance glory of the evening. She frowned; Caleb, catching the train of her gaze and watching too, frowned also. But when their gazes came together, she smiled straightly and shrugged, and they turned back to the table, content to let the Erin-people conduct themselves after their own manner, content not to question.

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