Lys: Bah

For Cathair, Lord Ambrosius might as well have been speaking Greek, for all the sense it made.

Aithne, however, seemed to understand. She nodded in agreement, with a sense of newfound respect and approval about her. So whatever it was must've been pertinent.

He had the vauge idea he'd been chastised for butting his nose into matters above him. Bah. Bards- they are their own club. Much as I love Aithne...
But Lord Ambrosius was also his lord and military superior, and as such he deserved and required respect, which Cathair gave readily.

So he simply nodded and relinquished the matter. His mind was now mostly occupied with keeping Aithne safe. He would protect Lord Ambrosius to the end, but there were closer ties, and he did not think even his lord would object.


Aithne had awoken to find herself in the midst of heavy talk. She still wasn't quite certain what had happened, but gathering the threads of information, she was able to make out that there was a dangerous document in the wrong hands- one that could spell disaster for Lord Ambrosius, and consequently, his followers.

And there was something in it that Cathair was not telling her. She could feel it radiating from him- a fear which she'd never sensed from him before. It worried her. She also knew he would not tell her for a long time yet. He would hope to spare her as long as possible.

So she rose, slowly parting, to reassure him if he needed it, and made her way to the Guttersnipe's side, sitting down by her and taking up that part of the work which she knew. When things went back to semi-normal, she would ask the girl for the details.

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